When it all began - ‘09

Griffin and Michaela met in English class back in 2009, at the end of 7th grade. They quickly became friends. 

In 8th grade they “dated” for less than a week, sharing nothing more than a hug and holding hands while strolling around the playground. Michaela broke up with him saying she “needed to focus on school” but it was actually due to their classmates making fun of them.

Regardless of their “break up”, the two continued to spend time together and talked on AOL Instant Messenger regularly. As high school approached, their friendship grew, as did Griffin's massive crush on Michaela.

Picture taken September 2011

Round one | 9/16/11

As high school began full-force and sophomore year seemed to instantly arrive, Griffin asked Michaela to be his girlfriend on September 16, 2011 during the final slow song at the first school dance of the year.

Michaela and Griffin shared a wonderful high school experience, performing in the Junior Variety show, attending Junior prom, being nominated to the Homecoming Court their Senior year (Griffin won, Michaela lost by one vote), being nominated for Prom King and Queen their Senior year (some other lucky couple won those crowns), and ending their high school journey by waking across the same stage at graduation.

Through those years Michaela and Griffin continued to grow as their own people. When college time came, as is often the case, in order for them to truly blossom they needed to begin this next chapter of their lives solo. After enjoying a lovely family vacation, the two went their separate ways the summer before college in 2014.

Picture taken May 2013 at Junior Prom

Friendship | 2014-2017

Over the next three years they kept in touch on and off.

Some weeks they messaged each-other regularly, some months they were too caught up by life to reach out. They enjoyed grabbing breakfast or getting ice cream at the local apothecary to catch up on life once or twice a year. They were each in, to describe them charitably, unhappy new relationships and took some comfort in each other's familiar companionship. 

Round two | 5/31/17

In 2017, after both had broken up with their significant others they spent Spring Break together, hanging out almost every day.

It was then that both caught feelings for each other. Because Michaela was newly out of her relationship, they kept their budding relationship a secret for two months. They made it official on May 31, 2017.

Picture taken June 2017

Long-Distance | 2017-18

At this time Griffin was still in college two hours away in Massachusetts and Michaela had just accepted her first teaching job.

Michaela did not have a car for most of Griffin's Junior year of college, which meant whenever they wanted to spend time together Griffin would either drive to Rhode Island for a weekend at home or drive four hours round-trip (each way!) so that they could spend time together at Griffin's shared apartment. They talked on the phone every day and saw each other twice a month. In Fall of 2018 Griffin switched to online classes and moved back to Rhode Island.

Picture taken October 2017

Through the years

As the years went by they spent almost ever night having sleep-overs together, spending some nights at his house and others at hers.

Spring of 2019 they decided that they probably ought to live at one place instead of two and began saving money for an apartment. They moved in together in October 2019, starting a new chapter in their love story. 

Picture taken October 2019 

The Proposal | 9/4/20

After months of people joking about Griffin not popping the question he decided that it was finally time.

Before proposing he made sure to get permission from Michaela's brother-in-law, Don, who is a standing father figure in her life. Luckily, it was given to him a few weeks prior without him even having to ask. Score!

On September 4th, 2020 Griffin proposed to Michaela on the secluded South Scarborough Beach in Narragansett — a place that they have visited many times since their one year anniversary in 2012.

Here is the story of that night:

They packed a picnic of delicious Thai take out, homemade chocolate covered strawberries, and apple cider that was kept warm in a thermos. The two decided to have this picnic that night because there was supposed to be one of the biggest full moons of the year and they knew that the reflection of its glowing light would sparkle on the water beautifully. They walked down the dunes with their bags and blankets. After enjoying their meal they laid on their blanket and a warm breeze surrounded them as they listened to the waves crash on the sandy rocks. They talked about their past, and about the picnic, and about how special these kinds of moments were. Little did Michaela know that these moments were about to become even more memorable.

All too suddenly, dusk was upon them. As the last of the sunset glowed bright orange behind him, Griffin realized that it was time to retrieve the ring from where it was hidden in his bag. Michaela sat on the sandy blanket as Griffin got up onto his knees, fished the ring out of his back pocket, and proposed, stumbling on his words along the way. As it became dark and the stars began to shine above them, they packed up their things and headed towards their car, completely forgetting even too look back and see the reason that they had come in the first place — that brilliant full moon, high above them. 

In the years to come | 10/09/21

Griffin and Michaela cannot wait to buy a home in Rhode Island and start a family when the time is right! They are thrilled to see what the future brings and are ready for their married life to begin.